In 2019 we launched a federal super PAC to help boost the chances of Andrew Yang, the first presidential candidate to talk seriously about universal basic income. As promised, that PAC ended when Andrew’s campaign ended. 

But, after the election of 2020 and with Andrew jumping into the Mayor’s race for New York City we believe that a nationwide push for universal basic income must maintain at the forefront of politics.

Thus, we relaunched MATH PAC.

We are a PAC registered with the FEC with one issue: the creation of a permanent universal basic income. What do we want? A federal universal basic income. When do we want it? NOW!

Why do we believe in universal basic income? 

It’s simple MATH. Universal basic income has been tested for decades and works. It helps reduce poverty and improves education and health outcomes and can significantly mitigate the lasting economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, we could see more than $2.5 trillion in economic growth by 2025 and it will help individuals move up the economic ladder.


What will we do?

We plan to raise millions of dollars of resources to demand every single candidate running for federal office take a position on universal basic income and we will post their positions here. We will then support candidates – regardless of party affiliation – if they support universal basic income and we will work to oppose those who stand in the way of passing a universal basic income.

While our work will be focused primarily on the federal level, we will also look for opportunities to support champions running for office on other levels where legally allowable. We know that focusing on the federal level is our greatest chance of seeing the quickest impact for the most number of Americans.


Can you direct me to more resources on UBI? 

Yes, please!

Here are some great articles on the universal basic income and the impact it would have on Americans.

Why a super PAC?

Because whether someone is able to donate $1 or $100,000 we believe that this cause is too important to not be fought. We want to ensure every American has access to the American dream promised to us by the creation of our nation. We will disclose 100% of all donations and spending – in fact you can find reports HERE. Please note, we do not accept corporation contributions or donations.