Theory on Super PACs

We fundamentally agree with the view that Andrew Yang has expressed – that PACs are corrupting American politics. However, we can not be blind to reality. As a first time candidate, Andrew Yang’s voice is drowned out by the career politicians who have transferred years of funds from their war chests to their campaigns. We know that Andrew Yang brings too much to this race – and ultimately has the best plans to eliminate Super PACs while ensuring that everyday Americans voices are heard. We plan on amplifying his movement, so he has a chance to catch up to elected officials. 

One presidential campaign was able to access President Obama’s email list and other candidates have also leveraged their political careers to help their chances. One candidate transferred $4 million from their Senate campaign account while another transferred more than $10 million. One candidate has been the figurehead of a 501(c)4 that only discloses donor names and not the amount of gifts. The one other non-career politician, Tom Steyer is a billionaire who used his personal wealth to generate an email list of more than 8.3 million names by running ads about the need to impeach. 

Other candidates have been able to tap into massive war chests and mailing lists to elevate their chances of resonating with voters. Andrew Yang, who has spent his life innovating and preparing people for the economy of the future has not had the same luxury. Through our independent efforts, MATH PAC plans to add value so that after Andrew Yang is elected, he can finally get rid of PACs like this.


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